Leaflet Browser print TITLE

Leaflet browser print plugin for map printing with additional controls and content

Option Type Default Description
title String 'Print map' Sets the text which appears as the tooltip of the print button
position Leaflet control position 'topleft' Position the print button
printModes Array ["Portrait", "Landscape", "Auto", "Custom"] Collection of page print actions
printModesNames Object { Portrait: "Portrait", Landscape: "Landscape", Auto:"Auto", Custom:"Custom" } Customize each print mode name
printLayer Leaflet tile layer null A tiles layer to show instead of all current active tiles layers
closePopupsOnPrint Boolean true Indicates if we need to force popup closing for printed map
contentSelector String "[leaflet-browser-print-content]" Content selector for printed map, will select and dynamically inject content on printed maps. For full functionality please check "Printing additional content section"